Why Barter Rewards?

Barter Rewards has always been a progressive company and has relied on its Licensees to play a major role in the system’s success. Barter Rewards remains committed to Licensing as a predominant way of doing business.

World Class Training

Barter Rewards continues to be recognised as a premier Barter company originating from the USA. We believe a major component of this is the through training you receive prior to becoming a Licensee. Barter Rewards provides hands on training and the materials you need to be a success in your barter exchange business.

World Class Service

Barter Rewards offers superior client service.

Support System

Being a Barter Rewards Licensee offers you many advantages – from the training, and the support of a solid organisation with the most modern Barter Software in the world, to the opportunity to own a thriving and successful business. Essentially, here’s what you receive when you become a Barter Rewards Licensee:

  • Own your own business and receive the rewards that come from being responsible for your own success. With Barter Rewards unique approach to training and support, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.
  • Use of the trademarks and operating system of the number one brand in the world.
  • The tools to help you in your business: local and national support in the areas of operations,
    training, advertising, marketing and human resources. To be responsive to your needs and in support of a collaborative business environment, Barter Rewards maintains start of the arttechnology.
  • The enjoyment that comes from working with people, from your barter exchange crew to your customers and community.
  • The opportunity to contribute to the success of Barter Rewards:
  • Personal and business growth and satisfaction, both as an individual Licensee and as a member of Barter Rewards growing worldwide organisation.
  • Personal growth and business knowledge from Barter Rewards extensive training and from your experience as a Licensee.

As a Barter Rewards Licensee, you will experience a unique relationship with the Company – one that is unparalleled in the quick service barter exchange industry. Barter Rewards leadership position continues to be built on the respect the Company shows its Licensees.

Acquiring a License

Most Licensees enter the system by purchasing an undeveloped region barter exchange, either from Barter Rewards or from a Barter Rewards Licensee. A small number of new operators enter the system by purchasing an existing barter exchange.

The financial requirements vary depending on the method of acquisition.

Financial Requirements/Down Payment

An initial deposit is required when you purchase a new barter exchange area of Twenty Five Thousand dollars ($25,000.00) minimum. Individuals with additional funds may be better prepared for additional or multi-barter exchange opportunities.


We require that the buyer pay a minimum of 50% cash as a down payment toward the purchase of a barter exchange. The remaining balance of the purchase price may be financed for a period of no more than 12 months.

We sincerely appreciate your expressed interest in Barter Rewards and your continued patronage of our barter exchanges interest.

Count On Us As Your Partner

As soon as you become a Barter Rewards Licensee, you can count on us for:

  • Market development and site selection
  • Extensive new-Licensee orientation and training
  • Proven advertising along with local marketing campaigns

Now is the time. Fill out the form to the right to receive additional information about a Barter Rewards License.

Am I Qualified To Own A Barter Rewards License?

Barter Rewards Licensees come from very diverse backgrounds. Finance, hospitality, engineering, medical, sales and real estate are just a few of the industries that produce qualified, successful Barter Rewards owners. In addition, many Barter Rewards Licensees have no previous Barter experience whatsoever. The only thing they all have is a burning desire to be successful and own a thriving business.

Grow Your Business With Barter Rewards

With Barter Rewards expanding its services, our Licensees are capturing more and more customers. Plus, retail bartering servicing is not a “fad” product. Demand will always be strong. And the Barter Rewards opportunity is recession resistant.

Industry Facts

  • Industry growth is projected at 60% annually
  • The average member trades $10,000 per year
  • More members to trade with equals more members to spend with.

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