Becoming a Media Trading Parter

Becoming a media trading partner with Barter Rewards offers many benefits.

Media companies worldwide are under increasing pressure day-to-day. Whether your focus is cost-cutting, market share acquisition, or increased exposure, using Barter is a smart financial solution. Barter Rewards is proud to work with some of top media marketing companies.

A financial tool
Our goal is to reduce your operating expenses where it’s needed most. We can fund anything from a sales conference, to corporate gifting and prizing, gift cards, your own advertising, capital expenses and much more. In return you provide Barter Rewards with media space, it’s that simple.

A sales tool
A trading partnership with A Barter Rewards provides an innovative solution to meet or exceed short or long-term sales objectives, while reducing business costs.

Meet advertiser demand
Over the past 10 years, there has been significant growth and increasing demand for corporate trade among NZ’s top advertisers. Barter Rewards places trade $ in media every year.

Keep advertisers’ budgets whole
As marketing budgets are cut and media dollars shift across mediums, corporate trade helps keep advertising budgets in tact

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Posted on

June 2, 2017